Final Cut FXScript text markup plugin

Download it: textmarkup.txt

Yup, it's just a .txt file. See below for installation instructions.

Here's a plugin written in FXScript for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express. The core text drawing part is copied from the Final Cut built-in Text plugin. It adds the ability to format text as bold, italic, bold italic, subscript, and superscript using backslash control characters in the text input. It also adds a Vertical Alignment option to control whether the bottom or top line stays in place as lines are added.

Formatting commands

Control sequence Formatting
\b bold
\i italic
\B bold italic
\I bold italic (note: capital i, not lowercase L)
\p plain (neither bold nor italic)
\^ superscript 
\_ subscript 
\- normal script (neither superscript nor subscript)

Note that there are no grouping operators. The plugin will print any text that follows a command with the same formatting until it finds another command.

Example input and output

Input text Formatted output
\By\b\_0\- = \Bx\b\^2\- + 5 \Bx y0 = x2 + 5 x
Carbon compounds:\b
CO\_2\-\p (\icarbon dioxide\p) and
\bCH\_3\-\p (\imethane\p)
Carbon compounds:
CO2 (carbon dioxide) and
CH3 (methane)
Use \\b to make text \bbold\p. Use \b to make text bold.
\ix\p\_5\_max\-\^2\^3\- might not
look very pretty
x5max23 might not
look very pretty


To install the plugin copy it into /Users/username/Library/Preferences/Final\ Cut\ Pro\ User\ Data/Plugins (for Final Cut Pro) or /Library/Application\ Support/Final\ Cut\ Express\ System\ Support/Plugins (untested, but this location should work for Final Cut Express according to the FCE 4 manual). Then restart Final Cut. The plugin will appear as "Text with Markup" in the Text generator effects bin. You can also try it without installing it by pasting the source into the FXBuilder window in Final Cut Pro.



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