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Stencyl scripting and playing Stencyl editing collision shape
Scripting and playing Editing collision shape

Download the minigame source (Note: if File > Import Game doesn't work, try unzipping the file into the stencylworks/games directory)

Play the exported Flash minigame


Stencyl expands on the snapping block programming style of Scratch with a wider range of block types plus two ways to package complicated block stacks into reusable pieces (Behaviors and Custom blocks). Stencyl's drag-and-drop programming has a decent number of features, and the free version doesn't restrict complexity like GameMaker: Studio or Construct 2. Even so I still prefer textual programming. Stencyl does offer textual (ActionScript 3.0) scripting, but I haven't yet compared that to libraries like Flixel or Flashpunk. PlayThe exported SWF works fine under Ubuntu or the stand-alone Flash Player 10.3, but in recent versions of the Flash plug-in for Windows 7 Firefox, the arrow keys send lots of extra stuck-key key presses.





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